Saturday, February 17, 2007


Start time: 11:00
Place: Scuola San Giovanni Evangelista
Organizer: C.C.I.
Late morning with classical baroque Venetian music by the ensemble Offerta Musicale and with a cocktail before the concert: the best way to start the most crazy day of the Carnival. Dress Code: costume or formal dress.
Partecipation costs: Euro 85


Start time: 16:00
Place: Piazza San Marco
Partecipation costs: Free

Gondola Tour & Dinner

Start time: 19:00
Place: Calle Vallaresso
Organizer: C.C.I.
Meeting point at San Marco – calle Vallaresso (just in front the Harris Bar) to start a 30′ gondola tour in costume ending with dinner at the “Al Giardinetto” restaurant.
A Venetian tradition to celebrate Carnival, spending a lively evening with friends and meeting new ones. Dress Code: costume.

Partecipation costs: Euro 180


Start time: 19:30
Place: Hotel Luna Baglioni
Organizer: Baglioni Hotels
The Carnival Grand Gala at the Luna Hotel Baglioni will start at 7.00 p.m. with a refined Gala Dinner; the most beautiful Masks and the most sumptuous costumes in Venice will be welcomed at the Marco Polo Lounge, where they will savour an exquisite Carnival Menu realized by our Chef Cosimo. Dances will start from 9.00 p.m.: live music and a Magician will entertain the Guests with a magical witty show and dances… and much more!

Dress Code: Costume d’Epoque

Cancellation Policy: by 12.00 p.m. of 10th February 2007, with the whole rate as penalty.

Partecipation costs: Euro 290

Ball of Casanova

Start time: 20:00
Place: Palazzo Zenobio
Organizer: García Martín de Calera – Organizzazione Carnevalesca de Calera
The young Casanova inspires this elegant festivity in the gorgeous decorated ballroom of the Zenobio Palace. He even turns the heads of Ladies out of noble stocks in series…
Be hypnotized by the ecstatic atmosphere and the alluring energy in the air!
An international team consisting of over 30 persons with film technicians, gastronomes, designers, artists, musicians, acrobats and actors will accompany you throughout the night.
Enjoy an exclusive five course gala menu and excellent wines. Be entertained by the show and find yourself bewitched by Venice of the 18th century. Our dancing masters would like to introduce you to the art of historic dance. The style of music changes from classical piano to Italian opera, from baroque strings to dance rhythms. The night spans four different areas of the estate.
Award for the most romantic couple in costumes.

Immerse yourself into a mystic Venice and its unique carnival, filled with mysterious masks and baroque costumes! Enjoy a magical masked ball in the wonderful Zenobio Palace in the centre of the Italian lagoon city, together with an international audience!

Dresscode: historical costume
Further information:

Partecipation costs: Euro 410,00 (Category A) – Euro 370,00 (Category B)

Il Ballo del Doge

Start time: 20:30
Place: Palazzo Pisani Moretta
Organizer: Antonia Sautter
Amongst the most famous and exclusive events in the world, this masked ball is considered by the international press as the highest expression of the Venetian Baroque. Framed by Palazzo Pisani Moretta, organised with love and care by Antonia Sautter, renowned costume designer of Atelier Venetia, the guests of Il Ballo del Doge need leave nothing to their imaginations. In collaboration with directors, set designers, artists and famed chefs, the dinner and incredible entertainment are an experience for each of the senses, an event which everyone should attend at least once in a lifetime.
Dress code: Historic Costume
tel.+39 041 522 4426
e-mail address:
Partecipation costs: N.A.

Grand masked ball at Palazzo Albrizzi – Orpheus and Eurydice: a tale of love between myth and parody.

Start time: 20:30
Place: Palazzo Albrizzi, Cannaregio 4118, Venezia
Organizer: ACIT Venezia
Music, vocals and dance will evoke this myth in the precious setting of Palazzo Albrizzi, an 18th century patrician residence, whose elegant halls are decorated with stucco walls and frescoes by the school of Tiepolo.

The guests will seat at elegantly laid tables, illuminated by the flickering light of the candles, feasting on the dainty dishes of 18th century Venetian cuisine.

“What shall I do without Eurydice. Oh, where shall I go without my love?” Orpheus asks himself, after having broken the agreement with the gods of the underworld, and turns to gaze at the face of his bride, while he is bringing her back to life.
To the sound of Gluck, the enchanting musical poet expresses his love for Eurydice, going back to the theme and the modes used by Monteverdi in his “Orpheus”, composed for the Mantua Carnival. The opera was first performed in February 1607. Maybe its tones were too sorrowful and languid? Offenbach intervenes providentially to invert the situation, and frees us from any emotive predicament with free and easy irony, dismantling the formal solemnity of the classic myth with the weapons of parody: here Orpheus and Eurydice are not an exemplary couple. His weak point is feminine charm. She is too prone to the love games with the shepherd Aristaeus, who is nothing else than the god Pluto, who drags her into his underworld realm by fraud. Orpheus’ freedom does not last long: faithful to the myth, he goes down to the underworld to recover the detested woman.

The Palazzo has its own landing place on Canal S. Andrea.
For costume rental, contact us – we will suggest some important ateliers.

Info and booking
Segreteria ACIT, Palazzo Albrizzi
Cannaregio 4118, 30131 Venezia
Phone +39 0415232544
Phone/Fax +39 0415245275

Partecipation costs: Euro 258,00 (membership annuale)

The Barber of Seville of Rossini

Start time: 21:00
Place: Ca’ Zanardi
Organizer: Incentive Harmony di Nicolas & Jeanne-Bénédicte Arnita
Palazzo Zanardi 16th century, the refined atmosphere of its elegant rooms enlightened with candlelight, master of ceremony , TWO BANDS , CLASSICAL & MODERN will be entertaining the guests.
9:00 pm welcome cocktail & Baroque Quartet
11.30 pm “THE BARBER OF SEVILLE”, the famous humoristic opera of Rossini in which Figaro, try to organize the wedding between Rosina and the Almaviva Earl.
The Ball will continue with live music until dawn.
During the ball there will be a portraitist and a make up artist to paint
tipical venetian masks for the guests.
The palace is accessible by its water door on the canal Santa Caterina.
Please do not hesitate to contact us for rental of costume.
Dresscode: Costume & Mask
Price: 280 Euro per person

Information: Ca’ Zanardi – Calle Zanardi – Cannaregio 4132 – 30121 Venice – Italy
Tel. +39 041 2410220 Fax +39 041 5237716
To visit the palace
To visit our agency

Partecipation costs: Euro 280

Romantic Venice Ball

Start time: 21:55
Place: Hotel Danieli
Organizer: C.C.I.
This hotel is synonymous with the splendour and romance of Venice. A masterfully restored palace, the Danieli is mere a few steps from Piazza S. Marco. Designed in the late fourteenth century to meet the demands of Europe’s travelling nobility, the Danieli continues to set the standard for hospitality at its best. The Danieli has for generations been the hotel preferred by the discerning visitor to Venice, the favourite town of the Romantic artists in the 19th Century. Like them you will be received in a luxurious way by actors, acrobats, dancers and a classical orchestra. Enjoy a top dinner as only here you can find. Dress Code: historical costume.
Partecipation costs: Euro 420