Alessandro Bressanello

Photo of Alessandro BressanelloBorn in 1948, lives in Venice. In 1976 founded the Tag Theatre in Venice that he directs until 1990 and where he worked as actor, director and organizer.
He participates to all the productions interpreting at least all the roles of the historical masks of the Comedy of Art in 25 events presented in over than 20 different countries.
Since 1990 works as an independent actor and director, directing theatre events and Barocco Music: "La pazzia Senile", "l’Anfiparnaso", "La barca da Venezia a Padova", "La Dafne" and other. He works as director also in USA, Sweden, Germany, United Kingdom, Russia and Norway.
He coordinates the artistic direction of Venice Carnival from 1996 to 2004, making events and entertainments with his company "Produzioni Teatrali Veneziane".

1. You are one of the protagonist of the Venice Carnival. When did this passion begin?
I’ve worked in all the Venice carnival (except one) since 1980, with different roles like actor, director, organizer, administrator; for me is more than a passion…. is a part of my work that during the years has become also a deep interest for the carnival history. This is why, when is possible, we try to make to live again the old traditions and the spectacular events that made creat the Carnival in ‘700.

2. The Angel’s Flight is really one of the most interesting and enthusiasm events for this kermes. What are the reason that substitute, in 2001, the flight of the dove?
Is the desire of go back to the old "historical" events, and also this make more spectacular the opening of Venice Carnival.

3. Which other events do you organize in the Venice Carnival?
This year I follow also of the parades and I work also as coordinator between the Venice Carnival organization and the three days event in the Ateneo Veneto organized by Scaparro.

4. Which Carnival event gave you the greatest satisfaction?
Excluding the Angel’s Flight that gives me a lot of great satisfaction, for many years I’ve organized the greatest events in St. Mark Square that usually was the closing events for the Venice Carnival. Some of these events was very interesting and spectacular… (Il Barone di Munchausen, The Battle Between Carnival and the Lent, The Crowd’s Boat, etc.). Unfortunately these events are not organized now.

5. I read about your theatre works. Did u think that theatre events should be extended? If you agree to this, in which mode?
The main problem is the availability of spaces. Without go back to two centuries ago, in 1980/1981 we had about 12 useful spaces for theatre events. But what we need is a coordination between the different organization (Goldoni and Fenice in primis) and this is part of the problem that Venice carnival hasn’t a stable organization (like "Carnival Fundation" or similar initiative) that can work for all the year. I hope that we don’t see again this year conditions.

6. Now I ask a preview for our readers: after Katiuscia Triberti (2001), Antonella Elia (2002), Frida Scarpa (2003) and Carlotta Mantovan (2004), who will be the Angel in 2005?
Carolina Marconi, girlfriend of the Venetian dj. Tommy Vee, gamers of the latest edition of "The Big Brother" game that are most popular between the young people. All was decided after a meeting with Tommy that has suggested Carolina: he will wait for her near the Doge.