CHINESE ACROBATS (February 19th, 20th, 21st, and 22nd)
Spectacular performance of a 23 elements’ group of extraordinary acrobatic skills accompanied by recorded music. Repertoire: Martial Arts, Hula Hoops, Pass Through Barrels, Lion Dance, Foot Juggling, Group Contortion, Jar Juggling, Diabolos Girls, Hoop Diving, Group Bicycles.

CONCERT OF TEN CHINESE FEMALE MUSICIANS (February 19th, 20th and 21st)
One of the most popular Chinese music group, entirely formed by women, executing with the most singular and various instruments, traditional music mixed with the Western musical culture.

CHINESE DRAGONS (February 23rd)
(by the Chinese Circus Company)

Performance of Chinese dances with traditional music and the typical Chinese dragons, a big one (manoeuvred from the inside by two persons) and two smaller ones (also manoeuvred by one person from the inside). For children in Campo san Polo.

A journey through acting techniques, starting from the grotowskian training to Harlequin passing through Margherita Gautier, Orissi and Kathakali and crossing Mei Lan-Fang in Moscow at the presence of the Bali Topeng monkey. “In the direction of a lyric actor” seals a series of oriental dance performances, underlining not so much the contamination, but instead, the real continuity of the actor’s eastern and western techniques.