Pulcinella (Punch)

[Image of Punch]This is a Neapolitan mask originating in Campania whose physical aspect make it look like a cockerel.

The nose has the form of a beak which ancients called "pullus gallinaceus" It is thought the etymology of the word derives from the word "Pulliciniello" that is pulcino or chick.

Like Harlequin, Punch is a stupid servant who sometimes takes on contradictory personalities.

He can be both stupid and astute, bold and cowardly and has an extremely lively expressiveness typical of Neapolitans.

Tiepolo immortalized more than one in paintings in the villa of Zianigo which can now be marveled at in the museum of the 18th century in Venice.

The costume consists of a white coat constrained by a belt, a long hat and a black mask which highlights a hooked nose and wrinkles