Christian Eisenberger


All societies have a high society: but “high” does not mean in good spirits but upwards. The upper ten thousand who love to be re-counted: after all, it is important to know who belongs to them and who doesn’t. Songs have been sung about the high society, for example by Bing Crosby and Frank Sinatra (What a Swell Party This Is) back then in the fifties. And Louis Armstrong sang of the “High Society Calypso” in the eponymous musical. While the musical of that time consoled itself by making high society seem amusing, high society today is rather boring; it has lost its magic. The artist Christian Eisenberger has used a lot of discarded materials and cardboard. This is how he builds his High Society-sculpture; letting it rise high, almost up to the heavens. And big names, easy conversation material, are dropped in the process: Schwarzenegger, Bush, Dali, Berlusconi, the Pope and others.