Brigitte Kovács


Floating. Letting Oneself Drift – Venice, the floating city, is the conceptual basis for the sculpture. Robbed of its stability the sculpture is placed in the water. Its form is determined by irregular contours and the material is coloured polystyrene. These sculptures can also be used as mattresses, which swim like floes on the water’s surface and are moored to a central collecting point by a 10- and 100-meter rope. Visitors to the OPEN2OO6 are invited to get onto their own individual floating body and drift a short distance toward Venice. Directly on the beach, close to the mooring of the floating body, is an information point where the first thirty participants can have the contours of their bodies measured. Based on these measurements, individual floating bodies can be tailored over the next few days and kept ready for the visitors to float on. After use, these floating bodies will remain on the water, becoming a constantly changing installation in the sea.