Chiesa di San Cassiano

Built in the 10th century, it was remodelled several times (and was also rebuilt after the fire of 1105, undergoing successive restorations in1205 and 1350), especially the interior. The exterior retained its look until the 19th century, when the porch was knocked down. Porches in Venice were used for public penitences and this practice went on until the middle of the 16th century, but then they were frequently demolished because of the abuses committed in them. In very early times, an oratory was built on the site which was officiated over by nuns and dedicated to St. Cecilia. In the 10th century this was transformed into a parish church through the work of the Michieli, Minotto and Miani families and dedicated to St. Cassiano. The bell tower of St. Cassiano appears in records going back to 1292, and it seems to have been built for use as a fortified tower.

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