Ca’ Corner

The Palazzo Corner faces the Grand Canal. The building was begun in 1724 under the direction of Domenico Rossi, with evident influences from the nearby Ca’ Pesaro. When the last of the Corner family, Caterino the priest, died the palazzo became, after some passages, the property of the Ente Biennale which in 1975 tranferred there the Historical Archive of Contemporary Art, a vast collection of artistic books and magazines. On 30 January 1484 the palazzo became the home of Leonetto, the natural son of the Duke of Bari who came to Venice with 300 followers. And in 1503 it was the seat of Angelo Leonini, bishop of Tivoli and apostolic legate to the Venetians. The buiding is also known as “della Regina”, because in 1454 Caterina, who in 1472 became Queen of the island of Cyprus through marriage, was born in a pre-existent palazzo owned by the Contarini family which was pulled down to make room for the new building.

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