The Venice Film Festival online

For the first time in the history of the Venice International Film Festival, 10 feature-length films and 13 short films from the Orizzonti section will be available for viewing in streaming all over the world concurrently with the official screenings on the Lido of the 69th Venice International Film Festival (29 August – 8 September 2012).

The goal of this important experimental initiative is to make the Biennale’s effort to promote and support new films, and in particular young authors, even more effective by exploiting the potential offered by modern web technology. Orizzonti will present debut films and feature-length films from the fringes, as well as works that explore current genres and production pursuing innovation and creative originality.

For access to the virtual theatre online –  located on a secure website managed by Festival Scope on behalf of the Venice Film Festival – reservations for 500 “seats” may be made on the website starting Monday 20 August.

After registering on the website, the user may purchase a virtual ticket for € 4.20 (valid for one feature-length film or for one of the two programmes of short films), and will receive a personal link that will be good for one viewing only.

Each film will be available for viewing in streaming for 24 hours starting at 9:00 PM (Italian time) on the day of the film’s official presentation at the Venice Film Festival, according to the following schedule:

Feature-length Films


  • Thursday 30 August

GLI EQUILIBRISTI by Ivan De Matteo (Italy, France, 100′)

  • Saturday 1 September

EL SHEITA ELLI FAT (WINTER OF DISCONTENT) by Ibrahim El Batout (Egypt, 94’)


  • Sunday 2 September

BOXING DAY by Bernard Rose (Great Britain, USA, 91′)

LOW TIDE by Roberto Minervini (USA, Italy, Belgium, 92′)


  • Monday 3 September

LEONES by Jazmin Lopez (Argentina, France, Netherlands, 80′)


  • Tuesday 4 September

MENATEK HA-MAIM (THE CUTOFF MAN) by Idan Hubel (Israel, 76′)


  • Wednesday 5 September

L’INTERVALLO by Leonardo Di Costanzo (Italy, Switzerland, Germany, 86′)


  • Thursday 6 September

BELLAS MARIPOSAS by Salvatore Mereu (Italy, 100′)

YEMA by Djamila Sahraoui (Algeria, France, 90′)


  • Friday 7 September

JA TOZHE HOCHU (ME TOO) by Alexey Balabanov (Russia, 83′)




Short Films


  • Thursday 6 September

MIRACLE BOY by Jake Mahaffy (Usa, 17’)

CHO-DE (INVITATION) by Min-young YOO (South Korea, 16’)

RESISTENTE by Renate Costa, Salla Sorri (Denmark, Finland, Paraguay, 20’)

I’M THE ONE by Paola Morabito (Australia, 14’)

O AFINADOR by Fernando Camargo, Matheus Parizi (Brazil, 15’)

LIVING STILL LIFE by Bertrand Mandico (France, Belgium, Germany, 15’)

CARGO by Carlo Sironi (Italy, 15’)


  • Friday 7 September

FRANK-ÉTIENNE VERS LA BÉATITUDE by Constance Meyer (France, 12’)

TITLOI TELOUS (OUT OF FRAME) by Yorgos Zois (Greece, 11’)

LUISA NO ESTÁ EN CASA by Celia Rico Clavellino (Spain, 19’)

BANSULLI (THE FLUTE) by Min Bham (Nepal, 15’)

LAS MANOS LIMPIAS by Carlos Armella (Mexico, 11’)

LA SALA by Alessio Giannone (Italy, 16’)